Welcome Spring Summers with Floral prints -ST!!

  • Welcoming summers with floral’s

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Summer Fashion”? Whites. Flowers. Cottons. Am I right? So yes! It is that time of the year again! The scorching heat will demand you to dress up in a way that you impress everyone without having to take the unnecessary sunny sweat!
So, florals are a great way to stay in vogue during summers. It has been in fashion since times immemorial. When I went shopping for the summers, I was amazed by the beautiful floral patterns that I found in the various shops. Right from pretty scarves to Indian wear to long skirts, there were huge blooming flowers everywhere. These were enough to catch my attention!
Today let me tell you about the top floral clothes and accessories that you can purchase to slay it in this summer season!

welcome floral for summers

Say it with florals

  1. Floral gowns, jumpsuits, dresses :

Gowns are a totally in-thing these days! You find women of all ages sporting them and adding grace to their personality. Having a great cotton gown would be simply awesome for this summer season. You can go for something like small prints of roses or may be large lilies on the gowns. If you want to look fuller, I suggest you to go for bigger flowers.

  1. Floral Tops

Tops are very comfortable in summer season. You can go for irregularly patterned tops that will go well with trousers or jeans. I suggest you have bold and bright colors for this summer season.

  1. Floral scarfs

Scarfs become indispensable during summers. I wouldn’t dare to step out of the house without mine! So if you are planning on buying a scarf, you can go for something that has huge flowers on it so that your scarf looks fuller. You can also go for smaller sunflower designs.

  1. Floral sling-bags

Another important accessory for you is a sling bag. Whether you are a college goer or a classy mum, I suggest you to sport a cute and nice floral bag. Small flowers are always cute in such sling bags. Go for colors like sky blue, light pink and henna green to make the bag look prettier.
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