The Valentine Special – FASHIONISTA FREEBEE !!!


Valentine Day is all about love and making sure your significant other recognizes your unabashed devotion. As such, many go out of their way to perform a grand gesture, from giving a beautiful gift. If nothing else this day of love is an excuse to get dress up.
Dressing up for a date night can be absolute mayhem, so don’t even get us started on what happens once valentine’s day rolls around. You are cursing through your closet, excited for a special evening, and the next, you’ve blacked out only wake and find your room has completely transformed- the once freshly swiped floor has been replaced by a mountain range of discarded clothing, and yet you’ve made no progress on what to wear.
Let’s not that scenario ever happen again. Whether you are going out with someone special or all extra- special someone’s is all about having fun ,so remember to not take yourself (or your outfits) too seriously .To help ease your nerves, we have three types of Valentine’s Day outfits ideas that will work whatever your plans.

Stick to classic items, such as your favorite dark-wash jeans and sharp blazer. To add a little valentine’s flair, incorporate the color red or pink wherever you can. A stripe top is playful, classic and casual the perfect base for red or pink accessories.

Take on the town for the brunch or dinner, with the best girls together to celebrate the real loves of your life the beasties, all out with your pink hues and floral prints. Tell your girlfriends that the dress code is over-the-top feminine to amp it up!

For those of you in a long-term relationship, a romantic evening date is probably on your agenda. Of course, whether you’re headed to dinner, the theater, or cocktails, you want to stun your date by going the extra mile.