Travel Hacks- How To Sleep On An Over Night In Flight.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f I’m taking an international flight, I usually prefer an overnight flight so that I don’t end up spending my day of my vacation traveling. The only thing is I am a super light sleeper and really struggle to fall asleep on planes!! If you are like me, here are some of the experiences which I’ve found useful in getting to sleep and waking up refreshed so I can hit the ground running!

  1. DRESS COMFY: Wearing comfortable clothing is a key to getting a good night sleep. Wearing something restrictive is going to end up badly (trust me) Be sure to wear a layer and crab an airlines blanket.
  2. BE ORGANISED: The more organized you are the more comfy you will be.Pack your tote so you know where everything is. If you plan to use earplugs, headphone, a book etc make them easy to find. Printing out reservations and having transportation plan when you land will keep you relax.
  3. PACK A BOOK: it’s so easy to get sucked into watching % movies and not sleeping the entire flight. Bring a book to help you get tired so you’ll fall asleep I normally have a habit of reading before going to bed. I usually like to bring a travel guidebook with so I can read up on the destination.This builds up an excitement of holidays.
  4. DRINK LOTS OF WATER: I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day of my flight rather than actually on the flight. This helps so I don’t wake up in the middle of flight needing the bathroom and I swear drinking water prior to flying helps with the jet lag!
  5. GET READY FOR THE BED: Doing your evening routine may also help you in sleeping mindset. If you wash your face and brush your teeth every night then you should go to a bathroom and do the same I swear it helps!
  6. BRING TEA-Typically the tea on flight is caffeinated, so I prefer getting my tulsi & ginger and ask for a hot water. A glass of wine can help too.
  7. SHUT OUT THE WORLD- Be sure to bring your earplugs or noise canceling headphones. Being able to block out noises is key-especially if you are sitting someone who talks loudly .i always carry a sleep mask to blackout the movements or bright lights.

What are your tricks for sleeping on planes I would love to know
Happy Travels!
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Shweta Shah