Style It With Swarovski This Festive Season!


Swarovski this festive season!
Life is beautiful and what makes it all the more beautiful is the very thought and intention of making our dreams and goals a reality! We all have dreams and wish list that makes our living more interesting, happening and going. But as it is said, the real happiness and joy lies in small things like baking a cake, sketching, taking your dog out for a walk, watching TV or Netflix all day long and whatsoever depending on our interests.
But still, we all have that one beautiful dream that we long to become a reality since our childhood. It could be having a dream car, dream wedding, vacationing at our dream destination and so on. The harsh and hard part of life is that it never goes as we plan it, it has its own planning, good or bad but we have to take it.
Receiving a blue shiny box which has sparkling Swarovski in it can instantly cheer up our dull and gloomy mood. A Swarovski is surely capable of bringing spark and happiness in our lives just as it is. This twinkling diamond surely has it all at one place and time. It can cater to all our jewelry needs. You can indulge and satisfy all your jewelry needs and cravings with this just one piece of Swarovski. It is indeed a jewelry fashion statement in itself. What’s best about this awesome glittering and a shiny piece is that it can satisfy all your accessorizing and jewelry styling needs without soaring high on your budget and credit card bills.
Over the time, we all have seen enough of layering down with accessories. Layering statement neckpieces and jewelry was and still in fashion, but, nowadays it is more about layering, but the layering of dainty jewelry.
A delicate and subtle layering of jewelry is so in fashion and in vogue everywhere. Being a fashion blogger and influencer, I too personally love this look a lot! This look is so eye-catching and at the same time so elegant and classy being quite laid back but very stylish, glamorous and welcoming all in one. The charm of your Ikat print pastel blue shift dress can never fade if you elegantly pair it up with a shiny bright Swarovski. Complete the look with a trendy tote and those peppy gladiator boots or sandals to stylishly walk the trend. Gold jewelry has its own charm and fascination, but it is the silver statement Swarovski and jewelry that can make you look more awesome and stand apart from the crowd.
Currently, Swarovski has been picked as a favorite by celebrities like Fendi & Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld to Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell and British architect Zaha Hadid to name just a few who are in love with this look. Also, with so much recognition and craze received from across the globe, Atelier Swarovski is to become partners with many young designers, who have recently become globally recognized such as Joseph Altuzzara, Erdem Moralioglu and Prabal Gurung for this special collection.
In the recent past, many international celebrities have also seen sporting the look to complete their glamorized avatar in an ecstatic way such as Karlie Kloss, Kate Hudson, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid. If you are someone, who is not too fond of jewelry, Swarovski can still be your friend. You are not required to be heavily accessorized to get the look; just a simple, sleek chain with a Swarovski pendant can upgrade your look. It is suitable for every dressing and attire from casual to formal and can be worn at any time, be it day or night. Luckily, it offers you to add up to your feminine side as well without going big on your pockets.

product details: BRAND SWAROVSKI 


BRACELET: This rose gold PVD bangle (medium size) is gorgeous on its own or perfect when stacked. Embellished with clear crystal pavé, its sleek and modern silhouette features two charming buckle closures, one of them functional. An ideal buy for any fashion lover                     

RING: Contemporary and undeniably cool, this gold PVD ring is guaranteed to catch attention. Inspired by the organic shaping of the arum lily, it sparkles lavishly with white and clear crystal. The Crystal add luster and femininity to this standout design. Matching items available.   

EARRINGS: These statement Nostalgia Triple Drop Pierced Earrings have a knowingly playful look with candy-like crystals and Swarovski Crystal Pearls encased in high-shine geometric frames.

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