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Summer outfit

Hello beautiful ladies,
I am here again with one of the trendiest outfits for summers, and I feel this one can be the cup of tea for everyone as this outfit is the most convenient; relaxing as well as it is the most stylish one. Summers are quite sweaty, and we all are well aware of it, and when it comes to dressing up as per the season, I feel that the summer’s outfits should be quite floral or subtle in the colour front. So, if you want to know what can be the precise dress for you, then please keep on reading-
The mute color outfit-
I feel the most suitable dress for the summers are the subtle or muted tops and the dark color shorts that just gives a flawless look to the wearer. The colors like white, light pink, bright yellow, emerald green, teal and much are the best options to opt in the top form and always try to use the belt containing tops as they give a vibrant cum subtle look.
Talking about bottom wear, the shorts are preferred more as they the most suitable option to use. They work like a boon for the wearer as they provide comfort as well as the diva look. While choosing the color of the shorts, always keep in mind that between the top and bottom wear, one thing should be mute and other should be vibrant in look as the contrasting colors provide the perfect fashionista look.
The sultry choker look-
Talking about the summer accessories, I feel the choker is great option to use as it provides a sultry look and let your hands and legs remain as they are and let them feel free from the bondage of the accessories. Try out to stay as cool as possible in summers because if you overload yourself with the overweight of the accessories, then you may not be able to enjoy the mildness of the scorching summers.
Why wear sandals when slippers are comfortable-
 Last but not the least the legs, our legs always want to wear something that provides full-fledged comfort to them, so this summer try out the most floral colored slippers that not only comforts your legs but also render the warmness to the feet.
Let the hair talks-
Though I have already tagged slippers the last but I feel, this part is essential to add. Always keep your hair free from the bondage of the rubber bands as the open hair will always make you feel the diva in you.

Summer outfit


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summer outfit


summer outfit
summer outfit


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#Summer outfit 
summer outfit
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Accessories- from Accessorize  
White top from -Zara
Black shorts – Zara
Slip on – Amazon 
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