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This Blog is all about smart women, to shop smartly, with a good sense of style, elegance & class .Whoa! Here the secret reviled …….

Do you want to be free of the daily questions: what will I wear to work today?

Would you like to know what exactly you are going to wear to work every day?
Do you want to spend less money on clothes and less time on shopping?
Would you like to look polished, professional and classy but not spend a fortune? So here you are at the right place the blog is all about the plan that will guide you and enhance your idea in fashion world, where I strongly believe looking good is a birth right of every women.

Three things you don’t need: To have a magnificent working wardrobe and be well dressed, you don’t need – a pile of cash, a wardrobe the size of the international space station: or a man’s suits .What you need a plan outlined.

Five reasons you have nothing to wear: A capsule wardrobe is a solution to all your problems.

#1 your wardrobe is packed to overflowing. You have no idea what’s in your closet.
#2 your wardrobe no longer matches your style.
#3 your wardrobe doesn’t reflect your lifestyle.
#4 your wardrobe lacks variety.
#5 your wardrobe was filled without a plan.

Chanel Style Capsule Wardrobe – Coco Chanel said “one shouldn’t spend all one’s time dressing. All one needs are two or three suits, as long as they and everything to go with them are perfect.”

The secrets to a successful capsule wardrobe.

1. A limited color palette.
2. High quality basics i.e. your two outfits with a good brand.
3. Variety of items to pair with.

                                        Concerns about a work capsule wardrobe
#1 Why should I care about what I wear at work ? Weather you like it or not ,the clothing you wear lays an important part of presenting your image as a person. The way you look and the clothes you wear to work to communicate specific characteristics about who you are and how you want to be treated. To be taken seriously and considered for that promotion you need to look like you take yourself seriously.
#2 I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe? You are not alone there! And you probably do not have to. You might find some of the items in your existing clothing. A few additions and minor adjustments and your existing items become very workable.
#3 How many different outfits do I actually need for the office? If you are a celebrity or someone in public eye, you may need a different outfit every day and a closet (and budget).Ordinary every day. In fact you can survive with 16 items of clothing (excluding accessories and shoes). The plan laid will help to guide you minimum items of clothing that can create maximum different looks, excluding shoes and accessories. With a mix and match of blouse, kurta, jeans, shirt, jackets, t-shirts, skirts & many more before you add in accessories, your options expands dramatically.
#4 I want to dress better but do not have the time to closet purge, NO, no, no! Conversational clothing and capsule wardrobe makes it easy with a closet purge.
Let get started:
1. Choose a color palette – basic colors
2. Foundation Capsule-Four items in neutral
3. Expander Capsule-Four items in combination of neutrals.
4. Signature Capsule- Four items of your signature color.
5. Foundation Expander Capsule-Four items in another neutral
6. Accessories capsule.

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Let’s be clear: This isn’t a run-of- the- mill wardrobe clear-out. It’s about sifting beneath the layers of confusion and finding out what’s really driving our collective primal impulses-that hunter-gatherer DNA that insists on colonizing every square inch space. Its only in understanding what makes us tick that we can evolve from collecting to curating. Let the inside meet the outside and watch magic happen. It’s time to discover how happy your closet can be.