6 Shoe Styles You Should Purchase In 2017

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The Glam Looks !!

Hello ladies! I am back with some more styling and fashion tips. This time around I would be talking about the most stylish and trendy shoe styles that you must try out this summer of 2017. My choice and pick for this season are some shoes that are big on style and yet offer absolute comfort. I mean after all, you do not want to wear shoes that are not going to allow you to enjoy your dance parties, right?

fashion trend

This according to me is the most flattering trend for this summer. You get comfort, you get style and you get enough air running through your feet to keep them cool. The black strap gladiators in the pictures look absolutely stunning. Besides teaming them up with shorts, they would look amazing with short or ankle length dresses as well.
Ultra Platforms

fashion trend
wedges style 2017

These simple, classic heels are going to be the best partner for all your short dresses at those formal parties. The fashion trend for the year 2017 is to go big, and these ultra platforms fit perfectly with this trend. Buy them in colors like brown, black or grey, like the ones shown in the attached pics, and they can give even your jeans a formal appearance. The brown strap gives you support to easily walk around and even dance in these classic high heels.

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Coachella style 2017


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The girl boss

Most of us girls like to project ourselves as sophisticated ladies, but inside us all, there is a wild young girl, dying to come out. These pumps offer us a refined yet a not so tamed style, which matches both our personalities. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, and even Indian wear and they would bring out the exact personality you wish to show to the people at that time.

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sneakers style it for 2017

If you are looking for something extremely comfortable and casual, you should go in for sneakers. They are available in many colors and prints, and if you match them well, you can actually make them look extremely stylish with your short dresses or cargo pants. I love wearing them to those coffee sessions with my girlfriends.

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smart casual wear

Lace up Ballet Flats

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Lace up Ballet flats

These shoes have all the qualities that I am and am pretty sure all the other girls are looking for in their shoes this season. They are ladylike, minimal, and the best part, you can keep walking in them from morning till night, and your feet will just not get tired. These Shore chic style ballet flats are available at low prices, making it possible for us to buy more than one, and match them perfectly with our various dresses.

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lace up ballet flats

Wedge Heels

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head over heels

The wedges have been around for quite some time now, and I do not think that they are going out of fashion any time soon. So if you do not already own them, buy one immediately. 
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