Self-care is important part of life.
Self-care is an important part of life.
creating self care habits as a women

What are some easy self-care tips and tricks you can follow?

 We all have many responsibilities in our lives with which while struggling we forget about self and importantly self-care. Self-care is not a hard rule it just means doing anything for you, which is good and be good to yourself. It’s not a science for which you need to do any research, it means being kind to yourself as you remain with others. Self-care means knowing and working on your own resources as when they are getting low and stepping at the right time to replenish them rather than waiting for the time when they’ll get drained.

Self-care can only be possible if you are dedicated to it, which will bring benefits and true results. Here are some tips and tricks for self-care, which can be followed daily, that will lead to a healthier, better, and enriched life.

1 Meditate

One of the highly under-rated practices in today’s scenario is Meditation. Although, all of us know the benefits of meditation but still are very hesitant to practice. Meditation is an active approach to train the mind to be calm, cool, and rejuvenate. Even if you do meditation just for five minutes can help you to have a focused and clearer mind, which helps to have a more productive day by you. Nowadays, electronics are the worst partners which we have clubbed with us all the time, no matter whether it’s a morning or night we are surrounded by them. Take a 5-10 minutes break from them as part of your routine in the morning and before you go to the bed by switching them off, just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This will definitely help you to feel much fresh and more focused throughout your day.

2 Exercise

We all are leading a hectic life schedule, where we are neglecting the importance of exercising. Exercising has many benefits which not only keep your body fit but also keep your mind fit too. It gives you the strength and energy to feel good. Go for a walk after dinner or do jogging for at least 30 minutes every day, this will help you to clear your mind and also keep your body robust and healthy.

 3 Take a Day Break Just For Yourself

Before you love others, it is important that you love yourself. Sometimes its good to be alone, just with yourself and your thoughts. Try to take a day off once in a month just for you, where you’ll be with you only. Do what you love to do, re-organize your hobbies, pamper yourself by going to the spa or salon. Don’t forget, when you look good you feel good too.

4. To eat healthy food 
Choose healthy food for you and your family. Choose healthy food not only to lose weight but to be more energetic throughout the day,  and good food directly impacts mental health too. Indulging in life’s pleasures doesn’t intimidate her. In fact, she has created an entire mindset around enjoying the food she wants without guilt and always comes back to the habit.

  1. Here are a few more tips which I do for a balanced lifestyle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. I wake up early in the morning, plan my day ahead so there is no rush in the morning. so the un -rush feeling last all day.  Exercise in the morning daily.
  3.  Laugh and smile as much as possible spend time with your loved ones. I love about new self are and personal goal activities and sharing them with you here.   
  4.  Say no weather its favor or a late night outing or a big project when it is interfering your priorities, don’t worry about disappointing others or losing on opportunities
  5.  Teach your self something you want to learn.                                                

Social media condurum! social media has so much of influence on our lives that the fear of FOMO is phenomenal at times as a fashion blogger I am very addictive to social media but I have understood that it is time consuming and draining. so the solution to it consumes less but consume better.

Being confident and successful does not happen overnight. It takes time efforts and dedication, practice, commitment. Finding success no matter how you define it . are you curious to be a better version of your self or may be looking for inspiration for a new year change.  Self-care definition differs from person to person taking a bubble bath or taking up a massage, reading a book or taking out time for the family it is all a practice that is part of your life on a daily habitual basis.
Above mentioned tips are just a few ones, there are a lot more, to start or begin your journey of self-care. And if you really want to become a serious rider for self-care and want to know more on this, then there are many books written on this specialized subject that can help you to understand the same in a much-refined way and let you learn how to take care of yourself. Be great to yourself before you are to others.
Also, the habits listed above are simply ideas, no need to develop or stick to all of them. Feel free to pick a few of them, be patient with yourself as you create this new self habits.
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