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The simple candle has gone through a transformation in last few decades. What was once festive staple has become a year- round fashionable necessity? It’s a fashion accessory which works as a special soothing corner of a positivity in your house.
The small coffee tables have become indispensable in our homes Small delicate accents and decoration come into play to transform its basic imaginary & make it into your little relaxation corner you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee from small candles to fresh greenery create your own design that will fit the rest of creation for a fresh touch.
You know I love my candle collection from different brands I keep on buying a mix of fragrances from brands like Westside, Fabindia, @Home of course how can I forget the big labels The White Widow by Twinkle Khanna she has some of the amazing styles, even the brand fragrance world India, has some of the charismatic fragrances the famous brand of Yankee & Jo Melone are some of the best always buy votive or melts so I can get the idea of ones I like and the ones I don’t !
I found new spring candles at eBay online Yankee candles today & I am pleasantly surprised by the scents and quality overall. They come in a tin as well as a glass jar with a lid. Scented candles play a huge role in an overall ambiance and work like mood changer they are perfect for a romantic vibe or relaxing calm vibe.
The smell of the candle is amazing I can smell the sea breeze Aqua fragrance you get many different kinds of flavors like shea butter, inden tree wild mint cherry blossom, vanilla,& strawberry I love the fruity fragrance chunks combined with a sugary smell. The only problem is they make me crave sweets. Overall I am impressed with fragrance and quality of the candle. I would love to try more of their candles.
Would recommend to them who are looking for strong aromatic candles they are truly a pure gift essence and a perfect evening match for special occasions.
fashion interior
fashion blog
 fashion blog
 fashion blog
I hope you all enjoyed!!
Make sure to comment on what your favorite candles are and let me know what’s on your wishlist.
until next time.
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Shweta Shah