Hi wassup people,
How have you been? Here I am again with something new for all of you.
Summers are practically here so I decided to go for easy – breezy dress for the day outfit. I find light Tie-N-Dye, soft cotton prints, dress that are layered and free light weight and add further dimension and a sort of movement to the outfit. That looks so comfortable, light and easy!! I love the Indian culture and the traditional block prints in our modern silhouettes, it has amazing detailing work and looks a class apart.
I love cotton prints and lovely organic, ethical and made in India label. Beautifully crafted clothing in organic fabrics that are not only good for the skin but also for the environment. I’m wearing a light cotton printed dress with a pilts on the neckline which adds a style to the outfit.  I also love how the garment is been constructed in a bias cut which allows it to give a better fit to the wearer. I like the summery print and the flowing effect which is very feminine. To make it bit more interesting pair it with a traditional jewelry and an Indian embroidery hand bag, so what do you think?

fashion blogger
fashion blogger
bartik printed outfit

fashion bloggerOutfit of the day
“Best Dressed” what do these two words really mean? It isn’t an adjective reserved for the red carpet- and indeed best dress issues! It’s a theme that colors the way you live, and the way you dress every day. It’s about choices big and small; trying new combinations that alter the length of your wardrobe.

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summer prints

Summer prints
Whether you are going for work or relaxing at the cozy corner of your house reading your favorite book and sipping it with a cup of coffee. That’s the mantra of living up by you. And let your beauty look be seasoning.
Fashion does not exist in a vacuum; Fashion is a sense like religion different ideas lead to the same thing which you need to know yourself. 

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indie desi beats


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designer juttis

Shoes- The Ideas of Creative Handcrafted Shoes
Designer juttis
I am in love with these Indian look juttis which I had bought from a local exhibition in Taj. I love the comfort and the styling it can be worn with any outfits or pair it with jeans as well, that gives a good mix of a fusion look. I had got them at very reasonable price and then enhance the look of it with sum studs and beads on it. Will be showing it in my next DIY blog how I made it.
I love exploring new cities and walking down the unknown paths, during my visit to Jaipur at my sister’s engagement I explore the city where I bought some of the above outfits from Anokhi one of the prettiest boutique and loved the way of display, the fabrics is the finest cotton and the fits are amazing.

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Tye -N-Dye bartik crop top
fashion blogger
black baggie pants to pair it with a crop top.


fashion blogger
summer cotton prints

Loving the vibes and the collection of THE PRINTS, one must surely have a visit this season for the popup trends, colors, subtle looks and much more.
Stay tuned loves. 🙂