The power and magnetism of the colour Red- The bold party look!


[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ed is the new black! Yes, you have heard it right. Red is a color of empowerment, power, boldness, sensuousness and most importantly passion. Wearing a red colored dress does not just add up to your power and confidence, but it simultaneously adds up to your persona all in all. Often it is said, that red is the color of romance and love and that you get most flirted with, when you are in it, I am yet to test this theory anyhow. But, yes, I can certainly say that it is representative of projecting your carefree, ignorant, confidence and passionate spirit and soul in & out.
So, this party season if you are specially seeking someone’s special attention, you must wear something in this red-hot color or at least give it a try. Red is officially the color for this party season. Parties are approaching and the season of fall might as well be taken as the season of unlimited parties and occasions to dress suitably for. As our friends from foreign trips and vacations are returning back from their summer vacations, the invites tonight outs and stay overs are bound to be approaching. So, for this, you are required to make the most of this party season and look your best confident self in the season of upcoming parties and invitations.
Impromptu invitations and social gatherings, family get-togethers will also be rolled as second for Christmas and the festive season is all approaching. The range of red colored dresses from which you can make a suitable choice as per your personality and enigma can range from opting red mini velvets to mini silk wraps and the sheer elegance and class of this red color would definitely add an appeal and attraction to your overall persona and aura. Though it might not be taken as a necessity to wear always something red in these upcoming occasions and invitations, you just are needed to add a little splash of this color to make your look complete for the season. You can choose from a varied number of ranging colors only in this hue or else you can pair up your look with some twinning earrings, scarfs, and even stilettoes to get the most appealing and sensuous look in the entire party of town.
However, it should as well be noted that red is the color of bold and whenever that I wish to wear, I choose it not with an intention to get noticed, but with an intention to not get highly noticed. It is a strong color choice to represent the sheer confidence and boldness that you carry within your soul. Just to add one more time, I personally simply love and adore this color as my favorite.
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outfit details :
Dress –Zara
Heels: Zara
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