Positive Attitude- Living The Life You Love!!



[dropcap]L[/dropcap]iving the life you love is what we want to be doing, isn’t it? But how do we get there? How do we find what ignites our passion and makes our heart sing, and start living that life? How do we transform the life we have into one we just wait to jump out of the bed and enjoy living every day?

Well, that’s what this blog is about.I have offered this positive tough-love approach because it worked for me in a way that all the commiserating, sympathy, positive spinning and “let it go “talk never could. I wanted my life to be different.We all know positive thoughts are directly linked to happiness.The best way is to think healthy thoughts for being encouraged instead of negative thoughts that brings you down. Fortunately, with the constant practice, you can learn to develop positive healthier viewpoint.

 1. What Are You Willing To Do?

 What are you living to do to live the life you love? What are you willing to do to get what you really want? it all comes down to priority and choice, and its true for every situation. There is only one reason we don’t want to do things that is we really don’t want to – its just the matter of priority (other things more important).

2.Distance yourself from people who make you anxious.
Thoughts instead are very important because they have the power to shape our lives and also create our happiness. Once you realize the people who seem to get you down consistently, it’s a good idea to make distance. Establish a healthy relationship and limit the time you spend with them. Be careful when choosing the people you confide in.
3.Give positive self-talk a try –
 Be kind to yourself especially when it comes to placing blame. Thinking about the people and things you are thankful for and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.
4. Lighten Up: 
When you’re ready to crawl out of the abyss and into the light, find something positive, uplifting, inspiring or motivational or something that simply makes you laugh. It does not have to be some deep spiritual material.
5.Dump Approval Ratings
Are you feeling bad because of what someone else thinks about you? Here’s a phrase you may have to heard before – memorize it ‘“Your opinion of me is none of my business” ‘Wait ‘you say it is too my business and it does matter!” Okay, Why? If you are doing your best and being the best person you can be, who really has the problem here? If you have to act in a certain way so someone will like or approve you, well, guess what they don’t, won’t and never will. Focus on doing what’s right because it’s the right thing to do and reward will be that you like yourself!
6.Give Back:
Get outside of yourself and do something to help someone else, It could be an elderly person, a family member, a friend that’s struggling and having a bad day. If you see something that needs to be done do it.   
7 Own your power :
Your life is your responsibility, no one else’s. There is only one thing standing between you and your dreams are that’s you. Be open to new ideas and options- You can’t do what always you have done and expect everything to change in your life. When you accomplish something yourself you feel empowered. You get the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from doing –that wonderful feeling of ” I did that”
It is important to have a positive attitude on life as this will help you handle stress more effectively. Accept yourself for who you are. Being a less negative person takes practice, and you cannot become an optimist overnight.
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