The Polka Dots Story – The Fashion That Can Never Go Out Of Trend


My beautiful friends,
I just got back from a short vacation and thought of writing a blog on polka dots, After spending many years in the fashion industry and knowing my love for fashion styling and clothing. I enjoy trying new trends I am confessed shopaholic, believe life is beautiful and too short to wear boring clothes.
We are sure that even though most of you were not born in the era that this song was released, you still know it. We are talking about the “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dots bikini “song that was all the rage amongst youngsters in that era. It has many young ladies rushing out to buy polka dots  Yes polka dots are cute and can be sexy: what is more they can make you smile every time you look at them. We feel knowing all about polka dots dresses when you are planning feminine outfits.
Simple even and small dots: These are normally dark colored dots of the same color, size, and type that are created on a light background. These are very useful when you are dressing to minimize your curves and want to appear tasteful but with a personal touch of merriment. This can also appear in reverse combination with lighter colored dots appearing on a darker background. Fads fade but vintage trends like polka dots never go out of fashion. Flirty, retro and whimsical, we bring you a style befitting every age.
For every woman, polka dots are a fashion must-have. They are a classic style that has evolved right from their first appearance on Minnie Mouse to today’s glamours and popular designs on a runway and red-carpet events. It’s a style for all seasons, simply because it excludes an undeniably youthful flair, and yet remains an incredibly timeless option for glitter girls of all is not restricted to one size, these dresses can be bold and vibrant or soft and subtle in design.
Unlike other vintage trend, polka dots offer an intriguing way of mixing and matching with other bold colors .clever and sensible use prints can help you achieve various desirable styles.
From Indian sari to a western co-operate, as well as sober office wear to hangout coffee outfits with friends. If you want to dress casually where a white polka dots shirt with bright red pants or can pair it with denim pants or a black shorts. There you go, girl!!
Polka Dots

Polka Dots
The fashion that can never go out of trend
Polka Dots
outfit of the day
Polka Dots
White shirt with black polka dot.

It’s that age where you let your playful side shine through colors. So try doing that with colored polka dots. Petite girls shine can opt for ditsy polka dots in pastel shades for a sweetly eccentric look. Alternatively, texture polka dots are ideal for a night out. To keep it casual red pants and white button down polka dots shirts is an ideal matching to hit right notes.



A pastel matching polka dot crop top with a black comfortable pant & a pair of accessories for that glam look. The polka dots purse adds an extra oomph to the look .
Outfit details – outfits from zara, shoes- zara, white hand bag from – VERO MODA , the dotted purse from a Bagmire.