The Polka Dot Story- In vogue for ever !!


 The Polka Dot Story!

 Polka Dot
Back in Vogue Forever: The Polka Dot Story!

I simply love and adore the patterned polka dots! And, maybe everyone else simply loves them too for they keep coming as a fashion trend every five years. Polka dots are genuine to be adored and loved for adding the right sense of quirkiness, sassiness, jazz, elegance, and oomph to any individual’s fashion and style statement. Racing back to times when Julia Roberts elegantly adorned that brown polka dot dress and Marilyn Monroe’s polka dot love in the ’50s and Brigitte Barddot and Twiggy in the 60’s look, all can be interpreted as the sheer love for this printing which added fun and glamour all at once to their gala personalities.
The best part of the polka dot pattern and printing remains that it is so easy and fun to play with the quirkiness of these dots in own individualistic way that allows giving a sartorial spin by pumping out the creative side in the personality. Stylise your polka dots with some classy Doc Martens and add a little rock and roll to this sweet and sassy print by accessorizing them in the right manner with some funky piece of jewelry.
If you are a lover and ardent fan of large dots, still it is not a problem. You can simply rock this look by keeping the tone of the rest of the outfit as minimalistic and subtle. But, if you are too scared to experiment with the bold look and funky look of dots, you can still be a part of the fashion vogue, by carrying polka dots in accessories such as a tote bag, scarf, top or even a chic sandal. However, if you wish to be festival ready with the polka dot love, you can complete your look by adding a fun hat and comfy boots to stay modernized with the ever in trend fashion craze.
Polka dots are fashion focussed, but that just does not mean that these can be emasculated. To rock the polka dot in the most fashionable and stylised way, it is always recommended to keep the look subtle by giving all the attention and focus on the pattern and the tone of the rest of the outfit should be kept minimal and sophisticated.
A nice fitted polka midi dress goes excellent with a fun hat and some good pair of footwear, most of the time; keep it elegant with teaming it up with strappy sandals. I personally have come to the conclusion that polka dots love and the craze is beyond words and it can never ever go out of fashion and style. And, probably this is the reason; it keeps coming back in style and vogue again and again. This year, the trendy and elegant polka dot printing is here to stay for long for sure. If you don’t own a chic polka dress as yet, it is high time you upgrade your wardrobe and add the oomph, drama, glamour, and sass in your personality the right way.
polka dot story
polka dots
polka dots

Polka Dot
The Polka Dot Story- In vogue for ever !!

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outfit details: polka dot dress: Westside 
handbag: Vero Moda
Shoes: Mode by Red Tape Mustard Stiletto Pumps 
Cosmetics: By Mac from Nykka  

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