Amazing Grace- shades of pastels color this summer trend !!


Enjoying The Hot Pastel Color Trend This Season
 Hello ladies! I am someone who likes to wear clothes that are fashionable and trendy, and yet they should give me a classy and sophisticated look. I like to pick out all my dresses, for each and every occasion very carefully. Whether I have to decide on a dress to wear to the office, or for a dinner party, I make sure that my dress selection is impeccable. If you are also a bindass girl like me, and like to try on all the new fashion styles in the market, then I am sure that this season, you must have stocked up your almirah with quite a few pastel color dresses.
Mixing Funky With Classy
From top actresses like Deepika Padukone to the girl who sits next to you in the office or college, everyone around you is wearing pastel colors this season. If you have visited the markets recently, which, if you are anything like me, then surely you must have been there, you would know all the latest dresses in these shops are all in pastel colors. Even the top fashion gurus of India, and even internationally, are using pastel shades for all their latest creations. Thus, you can combine a modern styled Palazzo, with a pastel color base and bright modern prints, with a straight Kurta in pink pastel color, and team it up with block sandals, modern and sophisticated jewelry and a colorful embroidery clutter (matching your Palazzo), and you would have the most stylish and modern outfit of 2017 ready (just the one in the attached picture).
I am a typical India girl with a wheatish complexion. The best part about these pastel colors is that they seem to have been made just for our skin type. Remember trying on that bright red, orange or yellow color, and looking simply ridiculous in them, since these bright colors compliment only the ‘fair’ girls. Well, here are the colors that are going to look absolutely gorgeous on me and all the other girls with any kind of skin tone.
I love this trend of pastel shades and while it lasts, I am going to make the most of it and buy and wear as many pastel dresses as I can. Who knows what the next fashion trend would be and whether it would look as good on me as this one or not.

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