One-Year Anniversary Blog -Inspiration Behind The Blog!


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y one-year Anniversary Blog – The Inspiration Behind The Blog
It’s been one year to this blog! It certainly feels like a dream! When I started, I did have a lot of enthusiasm and hope to make it big as a fashion blogger. However, I must admit that somewhere I was scared too. What if I am not able to make it great? What if my viewers and readers don’t appreciate my work? These were some questions that perturbed me back then. But, as I celebrate one year of my blog anniversary today, I realize, it was all trivial. All that mattered was my interest and desire to reach out to my dear readers in the best way possible. I put a lot of efforts planning into creation. I secretly told friends and family members.
At the same time, I bought the domain name. I have always been a creative person even at a young age and always had a passion for fashion illustration and designing. The creativity started flowing as soon as I knew I had to run with ideas and start making things happen. I wrote idea after idea and started making notes about the different blog post. I had never learned any professional skills of content writing so I didn’t know the ins and outs of writing one. So I decided to learn the skills for blogging and took up a course with ivIpanan which is an excellent digital marketing study institute.                                                                                                                                                                                     
So, what inspired me to start this fashion blog?
Right from my childhood, I had a knack for fashion and accessories. I used to be the “commander” for everyone in my house who used to get ready for any functions. Slowly as I aged, I found profound love for reading fashion magazines and learned quite a few things from there. Thanks to my parents’ support, I could set a heavy foot on this genre and take things ahead.
When my friends saw my dressing sense and my choice of analyzing what’s good and what’s not in fashion, they recommended me to use this talent and spread out my knowledge to hundreds of readers out there. This is what basically inspired me to write down my views, opinions, and ideas on the latest fashion trends.
The book club
Last year I had read a book in a long time which inspired with a lot of creative ideas in blogging and I had shared the details of it in the blog post .our lives are busy between work, family and social media and time we spend on our phones. I don’t think we are reading as much as we used to. So I decided to start whatever I like and skip ones that I don’t sound interesting. I think books are the best friends grab a cup of coffee and put your phones down.
The personal posts
Last summer when I was in NYC I had decided to share my experience and passion for fashion and design through the blog. The personal posts are the hardest to write but are so important. I am very passionate about new trends and always try learning new and updating with new skills in my field. So blogs are the best way to express your knowledge, skills, and ideas and if I can encourage one person to chase their dreams, or experience a new culture then I will feel I have succeeded.
Thanks to all my readers.
If I were to genuinely thank anyone for their support and motivation, it has to be YOU! My dear readers! You have made me what I am today and I shall constantly evolve into something better at what I am doing right now. Your comments, views, feedback, and suggestions have helped me come a really long way in this field and I hope to walk further ahead with all your support!
Cheers to this one year of beauty and I hope to see many such years to come!
until next time.
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C  Ya, 🙂
Shweta Shah