New York – Between The Skyscrapers


My stay in New York – between the skyscrapers
It is rightly said that amid the skyscrapers, the life gets swift! New York City is the urban paradise that never stops or sleeps and the credit goes to the enthusiasts that are always jubilant about everything in life. No wonder, we find some of the best fashion trends and genres bred here and spread to other parts of the world. My stay in NY was marked by the expositions of colors and vibrance that I found in the attires of people there. Their enthusiasm propels them and so I too found the propulsions. I found in myself the YOLO spirit and went on to fill my wardrobes. My affinities soon recognized the icons of YOLO souls and I picked some casuals with a handful of jewelry products that were more organic than glam! Wearing those, I found the resonance with the dwellers of the city of skyscrapers. This sense of belongingness to the cosmopolitan life, however, did not turn off my fire for the traditional concepts back home. 
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newyork between the sky scapers
Fashion trends of NY inspire me at heart!
The city of New York is fastly paced and so is its fashion quotient. While this quotient is high like city’s skyscrapers, it is brisk too. You get to behold the changes very fast and hence for the fashion savvy mind like me, it is a heaven to spend time. Thoughts of my stay in NY still inspire me to make the fusions and to keep inventing the trends through my passion for dresses. The assimilative character of the city is just fine and suits much to the fashion styles that the city adores time to time. Nothing is alien and fusion is the trend.
I have shared my personal experience of shopping during my stay in NewYork, for any questions you can comment below I would be happy to share my experience and ideas. If you are planning to visit Newyork I hope this post helps you.
Location: View of the World Terrace Club.
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