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Happy Monday!!
[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone knows what it’s like to slay through Mondays but I don’t think it has to be this way. I believe Mondays are an opportunity to set the tune for rest of the work week.
Mondays generally can be the day where good things happen. We know there are babes out there just like who don’t dread Monday. Sunday are for relaxing and planning the house work, mixed with excitement to see friends and catch up on gossip again! But Monday isn’t just like other days. It’s definitely little different Monday is a fresh start of your week, its sets the tone for your week, month, and year it’s a jumping off point for everything you want to achieve. Despite the impending dread through, I actually like being a Monday morning person and would generally consider myself to be one. I enjoy waking up earlier rather than later and like to try and get as much done as I can before midday.

” Do something today that your future self  will thank you for”

These are my Monday schedules: 
Plan your Monday ahead of time- Getting Monday right isn’t just about avoiding the slight depression kicks on Sunday evenings. It’s about setting the love for the rest of your work if you can get Monday right the effectiveness of your work, & will be better for it.
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Do a little or lot of exercises-The next thing is completely time dependent and also personality dependent I love doing workouts in the morning as it makes me energetic and that makes me feel you are off to right start. It may take some will power to lace up those salmon Toes (Fieg), but exercise is actually a key to healthy start of the Monday morning
Schedule according to your strength-The more I study work happiness, the more I appreciate my feelings for what they are without wanting them to change. Once you realize that it’s ok to feel embarrassed, sad or energetic allow, yourself to be more accepting and loving of yourself that’s where the true happiness begins loving who you are. The idea of having Mondays to play to your strength is good.
Get ready mentally-Adjust your attitude your problem with work, may not be one that can solve with outside intervention. It may just take a change of heart at your end.Think work as another part of your life that has both its ups and downs like any other.

Give yourself me time -Guess what? Getting up earlier you have time to do things at a more relaxed leisurely pace that so great. Chaos-free morning top trumps the sleep. I give myself a solid 2 hours to get up and ready each morning. This means I can take some time out to have a cup of coffee take my time to make my hair and makeup. Read a little and scroll my social media. Which I am surely addicted. It just gives me the freedom to enjoy step –by-step routine.

Whether you’re excited to work on your goals after work or loving your 9-5, you know that mindset makes your life so much easier.

until next time.
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C  Ya, 🙂
Shweta Shah