[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all are used to some or the other kind of makeup. Be it your favorite lipstick or the winged eyeliner that you just can’t step out without, makeup is an essential part of our day to day lives. As important as doing makeup is, the more important is actually removing it.
Without having your makeup removed properly you can have serious skin issues. Therefore, your beauty kit must have makeup removers. They are essential for the hygiene of the skin and they help you get rid of the makeup easily and quickly. One such product that will come handy for you to remove the stubborn makeup is a pack of wet face wipes. They help to remove the waterproof makeup and the wear-proof lipstick for you. These face wipes are usually saturated with various skin friendly chemicals that help in removing the makeup on your skin easily. However, there is one thing that you must be careful about. Sometimes, these wipes contain alcohol and that could leave residues and impact your skin and dry it out.
Besides this, these wet wipes are perfect for those lazy bones who don’t want to follow a perfect washing regimen and can’t spend a lot of time trying to remove the makeup. However, you must be careful when you are picking up a wet tissue and consider your skin type and the brand of the wipes.
You must also think about one more benefit of these wet wipes. While the majority of the parts of our country face a humid and hot climate, wet wipes are perfect to keep the face free from sweat and fresh in the hot summers.
We will look at one such great face wipe: Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes – Cucumber & Aloe Vera. This product is particularly ideal for women and you can carry them with you wherever you are going. They are great for cleansing and removing your makeup and face dirt.  These wipes are known to remove dirt and excess oil and help in keeping your skin clean and refreshed. A pack of this product has 30 disposable wipes that are tested dermatologically. These face wipes contain natural Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts to give you a cooling sensation. This is perfect for the summers and it has a natural fragrance as well. So all the ladies out there, Kara wet wipes are here to moisturize and cleanse your face to give you a fresh burst of hydration this summer!
What makes the product unique?

  1. The wipes are made of 100% natural viscose fiber that is biodegradable.
  2. It is quite effective in cleaning and removes the excess dirt and oil from your face.
  3. It has aloe vera and cucumber to give your skin the much-needed nourishment.
  4. It is dermatologically tested and is suitable for oily skin.

There are different variants of Kara wet wipes. Each of these comes with a different set of ingredients and serves a different skin type and purpose. You can find the names and the links of these wet wipes below.

  2. Kara Face Wipes, Aloe Mint (25 pulls)
  3. Kara Face Tissue, Tea Tree, and Neem
  4. Kara Face Wipes, Aloe Cucumber
  5. Kara Sunscreen Face Wipes With Aloe Vera, Plum And Vitamin E (Acetate)
  6. Moisturizing Face Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Honey & Almonds – 25Pcs 

     Direction to use Kara Wet Wipes:                                                                                                                                                                   

  1. Lift up the lid on the cover.
  2. Pull the label upwards.
  3. Pull out a wipe.
  4. Reseal the Front Label.
  5. Close the lid.

My Views on Kara wet wipes
I love the wet wipes from Kara. Being a fashion blogger and a fashion stylist /designer myself, I find myself surrounded by glamour and makeup almost all the times. I am a huge fan of makeup and like applying nude makeup daily. However, I use these wipes to remove the makeup when I need to. I really find them very handy and easy to carry. Kara wipes help me refresh and cleanse my skin making it ready for a meeting.
Where to buy?
I have used these wipes and would recommend these Kara wipes for all skin types.
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