Think about color choose your silhouette and find your occasion. Jaypore spiffy new collection of dresses is as versatilite as this season. Wear them on a sunny morning or take them out on overcast afternoon and twirl in then as rain starts to show off. In colors and silhouette for every mood, this can be dressed up and relaxed.
Made from most breathable khadi and speckled with brilliant block print. This collective hand- print garment is made by local artisans. who practice this art form since generation Jaypore brings the harmony of traditional print colors achieved with the organic dye. the traditional floral print has given a contemporary twist. A series of process strung together with deft hands coloring printing drying and washing a piece of fabric results in understated elegance. A print that can light up the skirt with equal ease. Jaypore brings you impeccably tailored and updated silhouette that reflects the label’s subtle aesthetics and keep the outfit fresh, fun and functional.
And in my view, no one understands this better than jaypore.COM
In this clutter of fast fashion, jaypore has sung its own song, which has reached my heart for sure. Their representation of the free-spirited, artistic and the hippy heart alongside their focus on avant grande design and supreme quality brings a unique and soulful collection every time.
I guarantee you, from clothes to accessories to even home decor, if you visit jaypore.com, there would be something/everything you would end up just loving. Boho dresses, maxis, antique jewelry, summer shoes, sunglasses, cushion covers…my jaypore love list is endless.
Make evening special with splendid ethnic wear from jaypore.com
Celebrate the ethnic appeal through jaypore.com that specializes in the finest concepts derived from the customary imprints. The portal offers fashion apparels, jewelry, accessories, footwear, lifestyle and home furnishing options and gifts too. All are marked by the traditional feel and made out through the handspun fabrics like khadi and other handmade crafts by the artisans in India.
This outfit can be the best for festive season like Raksha Bandhan which evokes emotions that define the brother-sister relationship in India. It reminds of the age-old custom through which the brother takes a vow to protect his sister. Best wishes and gifts are exchanged when a sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother. Such fervor inspires an enthusiastic soul like me to make the occasion more beautiful, merrier and valuable; and searching for the gifts becomes an activity more enjoyable, therefore. For many years, I have been experimenting differently with the concepts to live the genre moments of raksha bandhan. This year, I zeroed in on jaypore.com and explored their handmade options to suit my fancies. The thing I loved the most here was the vibrancy that is marked by the rich colorful splashes in the form of garments and fabrics that despite being simplistic and rustic are charming enough to enthuse me. And I was delighted at the wide range too that is available here in diverse categories.
Feel the warmth
The market is full of swift fashion concepts and icons. We all are attracted to them but when it comes to khadi and handmade crafts and jewelry then you definitely feel the warmth that is elusive with the glory garments & accessories churned out through the fast production lines. You never find the same art component in them which you get with the handspun fabrics or the custom ornaments made with hand and traditional materials. Talk of the laakh bangles or the beautiful hand died dupattas of Thar or handloom shawls from the Kashmir valley and Himachal, each of these products generates an exceptional appeal in the mind and heart. You just can’t miss the special value that comes assured with such concepts that are almost intrinsic to India and have been continuing with pomp and elegance!
Jaypore.com comes at the top when you are looking for these concepts in the best quality and designing attributes. They bank upon the designers and also seasoned freelancers who team up with the grassroots artisans’ communities of India to develop the exceptional products. Celebrate ethnic wear with their best of ethnic wear selections and make your time special!
It is definitely the year of fabulous floral prints. Since the beginning of the year, the prettiest print out there has been ruling the chic fashion roost. Not only are floral prints divinely feminine, but in today’s world- selfie perfect! Set your eyes on a darker than dawn hued skirt, adorned in flower prints that will immediately put in the twirl friendly spotlight!
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