InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser – For A Healthy Lifestyle!



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InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser – For A Healthy Lifestyle!

All you need to know about the InstaCuppa Fruit infuser!
Being healthy and fit is almost on everybody’s mind right now. With the sun shining above our head, its summer time again! To beat the heat, one of the easiest and most recommended ways is to stay hydrated. To escape the heat, who wouldn’t like to sip on a few healthy & hydrated drinks? The best option is to drink the home-based flavored drink that just skips the additional agents of chemicals and sugars and is a perfect option to stay hydrated.
With Instacuppa’s own tagline ‘hydration reimagined’, it’s surely going to make your way to stay hydrated easy and adaptable! Now, let’s get on to know what’s making this instacuppa fruit infuser the hot topic of the town:
The bottle is perfectly and beautifully designed that allows an endless number of healthy fruit infused water options that help you to stay healthy and hydrated with its rich nutrients and minerals infused the water. What’s best about the fruit infuser is that it lets you choose your favorite fruit combination according to your taste palette. The aim of this instacuppa fruit infuser bottle is to surely give up on the habit of taking normal & plain water every day. It allows you to detoxify your body by giving you the endless options for choosing your favorite fruit infused water. Now, let’s just dig in to know more about its pros and cons:
The pros of the instacuppa fruit infuser:

  • The bottle has an attractive design that just makes it unique and appealing from all the other fruit infused water bottles.
  • The chamber allocated for infusing the fruit and water is of decent size. It allows making the best flavored healthy and detoxifying fruit infused water.
  • The spring option attached in the bottle also makes it a good option to treat the bottle as to make some good & healthy protein shakes.
  • The bottle is made from the highest quality of Tritan plastic which makes it be BPA free and more durable as compared to the other varieties and options available in the market.
  • Completely dishwasher safe bottle that now has a dual larger hand grips, a sleek single push button flip top lid and carrying loop
  • Gym bag safe lids that feature a small latching loop above the push button.


InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser – For A Healthy Lifestyle!

The cons of the fruit infused bottle:

  • To list the cons here, we have many things to list seriously, and for the fact that it is available only in many colors. I love the red color bottle is also a nice option and can be carried by everyone easily.
  • Choose from different sizes of 30oz, 40oz, or 64oz & over 10 vibrant color options!

What more can I add to my water to make it delicious and healthy? That’s an awesome part of infused water – you can make as many different flavors you like to try with different recipes and soon you will find your favorite ones. Maintain the list of healthy detox water added all health benefits of adding fruits, veggies, and herbs.
Share some of your favorite recipes with me in the comment below.
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