Recharge Your Batteries for New Year Goals !!



How to Get mindfulness about your goals and how to achieve them.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tress is the normal part of everyday modern life. But our reaction to it is all that makes a difference. Don’t let stress get on top ; instead, you should look for fun ways to relieve stress.
Where is our life headed?  It’s a question we all ask ourselves as we step into a year ahead Let 2018 be the life ledger and do an audit.
A new year has a way of making happy you know the drill each year I begin my year super excited with a fresh slate of new goals to achieve.
Why choose a guiding word for 2018?
Focus Your Year-Goals are an object of a person’s ambition or efforts whereas a resolution is a firm decision to do something. Generally, our goals are broad and cover many different elements of our lives, but by analyzing your goals and taking measurable steps will help to resonate across all of them.
Give yourself the flexibility: –If you are like me you will have a whole bunch of goals in various areas of life. Writing down all my ideas and especially my to-do- list helps to reduce stress about everything else in life. It’s good to focus on one specific task at a time without worrying about other things it’s only possible when you are organized.
Find your motivation: It’s not enough to simply want to meet the goal, you have to really want it tapping into what motivates you to stay focused on your goals.
Expect Obstacles: How will you handle traffic, roadblocks and speed bumps along the way? Life is full of twist and turns having a plan for the unexpected is just as important as knowing the direction you will take.
Be Strategic: Now take a few minutes to break your goals into manageable short terms goals.Once again envisioning your epic road trip thinking about what takes it to get there now it’s a good time to jot down your ideas and keep a track of the milestones you achieve.
Seize the days: You’d never go on a road trip without taking care to prepare to go the same when it’s your goals you should know the path where you’re heading and the hard work put to achieve your goals. The day to day track on task to meet your objectives and measuring the short term as well as long-term goals.
Set the Space: Only you know how much time you have spent working to achieve your goals  You may have only a few minutes to chip away at it every day or you may be able to set aside few hours, days or even weeks to get it done. What is most important is setting a sustainable pace.
Embrace and Adapt to Evolution of Relationships: The older you get more your role and relationship with other people evolve and changes particularly with parents and others people who may be cared for you.So this year I am going to continue to embrace the evolution of relationships and work to improve and nurture the change.
Evolve the way I work: One of the things I always brought to my work was a professionalism that I had gleaned from previous roles and workplaces, including commitments to being in the office and applying my self in a rigid way. I have decided to evolve the way I work and my approach to creativity in my day to day, with more roving work days and creative brainstorming.
Look In The Rear View Better goal:-setters know that taking the time to reflect on your progress and learn from your challenges is important. Looking back Helps you grow and ensure that you stay on the right path towards your ultimate outcome.
Pop The Tops: Well, You did it, my friend! You not only learned to be a better goal setter, you achieved your goals! Crossed the finished lines, made good on your promise, did the deed… whatever you call it, Congratulate yourself and take time to celebrate the victory.
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Happy goal setting yay!!
Shweta Shah