Getting Started As A Fashion Designer -How Fashion Works !!


Having a passion for fashion? want to pursue  a career in fashion designing  & become a fashion designer, here i am sharing some views about the industry. 
Fashion designing is highly competitive market is a tremendous understatement .the fashion centers of New York, Paris and Milan rule the industry, but are by no means the only places where a designer can pursue a career. Major cities have regional fashion designers.
In the celebrity driven culture that the fashion industry feeds, this exposure affords new designers and new talents .a good designer can create anything with sufficient research and a clear awareness of of the challenge being undertaken
The first step with designers to establish – absolute honesty-hard work –what is the need of the customer to penetrate in the market
Natural Talents– everyone is gifted with some inborn talent. Having flair of or an instinct for design is not always an indicator of a good fashion designer, nor is it perquisite. With an innate aptitude for fashion, curiosity, dedication, and the occasional leap of faith are markers of potential for success in this field.
Learned Skills- Anyone can acquire proficiency is an activity, given enough time and efforts. Fashion needs a vast range of knowledge, each with its own skills and set of opportunity.
International Intelligence – As a designer you should clear with the running trends and the fashion forecast of the year, as well as the coming color palette of all seasons. You have to be actively listening and observing the nonverbal cues to the needs and desire of others.
Defining Success – Like any creative endeavor, fashion is demanding and regularly tests the resolve. Designers must understand the primary need of motivating for pursuing a career in fashion..
Designers must decide which skills will become there integral part of their own designs process and which will be better.
Classes, lectures, workshop, and special events give designers special opportunities for connecting with experts and share their knowledge.
Mentor Matching– one of very important aspect of the outfits look, and give life to the product. Magazines, color palette, current fashion trend can guide you to be up to the mark.

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