Fragrance for every occasion.- 'Moi' by Nykka

Fragrance for every woman 

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esigned in Paris, the collection is crafted as a fragrance wardrobe to offer you a scent for every mood. Now every day, you can match your fragrance to the way you feel!
Racing against many prejudices, differences, and labels, everyone strives for their own identity. To be precise, color is not that which is on our skin, but it’s the deep thoughts in mind which reflect on the outer body. It’s a perfect mixture of culture and values. This theory holds very much importance in a woman’s life while choosing her career, clothing, accessories and especially fragrances.

Fragrance for every occasion.

I personally believe that when it comes to fragrances, every woman should have her own signature scent. It is also important to have a good knowledge about the different fragrances and the occasions they are used for. Spending quality time while buying perfumes is one my favorite thing to do. Also, I feel women get trapped in the name of sale by ending up buying fake or not up to the mark products. Therefore a thorough research is suggested.
It was my birthday time, and I wanted to treat myself with some good evening dress and yes a new fragrance. My friend knows my interest in perfumes and she suggested me about a new fragrance named ‘Moi’  by ‘Nykaa’. ‘MOI’ in the French language means ‘Me’. I was instantly attracted to the name.
On one evening, I had been surfing and was looking out for the perfume. I spotted it at @nykka online store. The description of the product was exactly what I wanted and the citric smell conquered all my senses. I loved the shape of the bottle.
The new Nykaa fragrances come into variants floral and citric. The petite shaped bottles look lovely with a transparent cap. Each of the fragrances is priced at Rs.1800 each and these are available only @mynykka online they are not available in stores or at Malls or any shopping markets.
While the two fragrances are different, both give a fresh feeling. I bought sensual Rose and Vanilla tapered with Musk and Vetyver for a powerfully feminine feel Raison d’etre, the French phrase translating to ‘reason for being’ inspires a subtle, yet elegant fragrance to give you an air of calm domination. The fragrance is so amazing and it lasts min for 4 to 6 hours of using. The citric fragrance looks youthful with bubbling energy. It is a light and fresh scent without any doubt also a little seductive. Surprisingly, the time of application also has an impact on the scent and I could feel elegant fragrance when used for an office meeting. Overall, Nykaa didn’t put me down on my choice.
The last line, ‘Moi’ by Nykaa fragrance collection is every woman’s prized possession. Go for it!
A sensual fresh fragrance depicting the modern and liberated woman of today.
Top Notes: Neroli, Bergamot, Orange Blossom
Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Patchouli
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Vetyver
How to apply: Spray it on your pulse point.
About The Perfumer:
Perfumer’s Jordi Fernandez is an expert in a variety of fragrance genres that makes his style versatile and multifaceted. His perfumes are no less than powerful, influenced by his Spanish heritage and his love of the Middle East. According to Jordi, “By visiting places, meeting people, and getting involved in the local culture, I discover a wealth of perfume ideas.” Every fragrance crafted he crafts has its own unique personality, rich in flavor and depth, crafted with the finest ingredients. His immense passion for the art of perfumery is felt by everyone who wears his fragrances.
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