Flaunt The Print In Style!!!!

fashion prints
fashion prints of 2017

Print that has moved in their sexy tag .The new fauna fashion is all about being playful and eccentric. The fashion trend for this summer of 2017.
With 80’s making a major come back this year, there’s been styling stamped define lines, designers now expand their print stock. This season you spot print that are a lot more graphics magnified and quirky, While designs bring together roaring tiger prints, abstract prints, geometrical motifs spreads the message of elegance .

Patch it up : Celebrities like Alia Bhatt show cases in antifit shirtdress adorned with printed skirt with printed petch of stage .Set a trend among the youth for prints and many designers for next generation trends.

Camouflage Prints: The camouflage prints in diazole prints, originally meant for troops to confuse the enemy and is now attracting female wardrobes to camouflage fragility and endow the women with some strength & power. It is mostly used for petite dress. While many cameo prints in conventional color & printed in vibrant orange and green shades with more sophistication to them.

Optical Illusion prints: Whenever we mention optical illusion prints in fashion regardless of seasonal designs of Greek origin are known to use these prints in their outfits with in descent motion after effects prints mixed with Greek culture elements.

Back to Retro Prints:- If you are a fashion freak retro prints are must in the wardrobe. It is all time favorite prints which is been never out of trend .If your fashion fondness are more prone to retro style with all those big sunglasses ,fedoras and floral kurtis, Jackets, dresses. Retro prints with repetitive patterns flooding the recent runways come as another proof that 80’s are coming back in a great way.

Geometrical Jigsaw prints: Geometrical jigsaw puzzle prints the bold prints have a long way .The geometrical zigzag ,The checks print, stripes and dots are something that can be flaunted at any age and by any one , with a little bit of tricky edgy accessorizing & fashion drapes .

All powerful animal print – years in years out animal print arrive at fashion weeks to throw us on luxurious and hedonistic zone. The Leopard ,Cheetah, prints kept on attracting the runway shows from designers Satya Pual to Tarun Tehlani celebrities like shilpa shetty are big fans of animal prints.

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