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 Today’s topic is on how to dress if you are a petite Woman. We all know there are certain things that simply can’t be changed as much as you might want to. Your body figure for example if you are 5’4 (162CM) you are considered petite, as fashion changes plenty of old rules. Today the most important thing is dressing up with confidence and elegance. In whatever shape you have and with a personal style you love to wear.
In my previous article, I have discussed body types and dress accordingly. so Today I am sharing some details on how to dress when you are short, which brands to shop for and principles and guidelines that can work for any petite woman.A woman below an average height of 1.65 m (5’4’) is considered as a petite frame.
When you are short you will have the following objective:
1 Appear Longer
2. Create a flattering silhouette
3 Avoid layers
How to appear longer when you are short.
Most short women want to appear taller so let me tell you these are some basic guidelines that will help you.
The one About Big Prints:
Its true that prints can be overwhelming, but big prints are not the right choice for petite women it can swallow you whole. The secret is finding the right prints for you. Delicate and small prints can balance the look. Add a jacket to it which will lessen the impact of printmaking it less overpowering.
Fashion tips and tricks for petite women.
The one about the mid-length skirt, dress or shorts :
Um, mid-length skirts are amazing! While you have to select the right one for you and don’t worry there is one out there for every petite woman. Finding the skirt with the right length that suits your body type, making a note that your ankles are seen, & a pair of heels are must highlight your looks.
fashion tips & tricks for petite woman
The one about Baggy clothes:
There are no thumb rules to master oversize clothing but a lot of it depends on the proportions and the styling of the garment. A Petite woman can dress an oversized baggy shirt with a slim bottom and a baggy dress with heels that balance your looks.
fashion tips & tricks for petite woman
No heels required outfits:
Sneakers are the key to all outfits they look great on almost all the outfits. If you are not going to a red carpet or wedding just wear flats or sneakers with any outfit.
The stripe out : 
Stripe outfits are one of the essentials which could be tricky to wear when you are petite, dress stripe t-shirt with v neck with a casual denim which can create an illusion of a taller posture to your image. Stripe dress with a styled with a somple denim jacket and a converse shoes.
Stick to monochrome outfits which means outfit with same colors you would look perfect with simple outfits like collars or v neck that will highlight the neckline.
fashion tips and tricks for petite woman
There is no need to fret about being petite when there are some of the best brands and always look at your best no matter what size or height. When it comes to great fashion options petite style can stand at par with runway models.
For the detail list of shopping store from where a petite woman can shop  & Any tips for those women who need help with their styling can reach out to 
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