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  [dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello fashionistas,
Yolo style, “The astounding new fashion trend” 
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Hope you all are doing well, and I have got a perfect new look for you all. I have recently tried something very redefining and mute look that I found is perfect for the day-time wear and here I am to share my views.
I recently tried the Yolo style in which I used the muted and classic colored Yolo Rani top and don with it cream colored qullotes and paired these both the stylish and well-embellished fashion accessories.
I found that this look was bit rare and quite different from my previous looks as I have never combined any embellished jewelry with the daytime look. However, when I tried this I liked the outlook.
fashion fashion trend
fashion fashiony tend

Which brand I preferred in this look?

Ladies, I generally don’t consider any fashion brand like that and I am a big fan of Westside as this fashion brand always comes with new collection and new fashion designs, which suits all type of bodies.
In this look, I donned the Yolo top of Westside and the qullotes of Westside too. In the day-time, I don’t like wearing the jewelry but as this look was a bit different from my other looks, I tried the Westside jewelry as well and I found that all things were specially created for this look.
The well-embellished crop top in the combination with the mute look just neutralizing my entire appearance and I felt that this is a perfect day-time attire to wear. The bellies that I wore for creating this look were from Metro and I feel that Metro is an epitome of newness.


So, ladies, if you are willing to try something new and very redefining one then must try something like this as this look was so subtle that I think I will prefer for a longer duration.
fashion ,fashion trend
fashion fashion trend 
Well thank you so much for stopping by !! See ya back here.
xoxo Shwetsdiva.
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