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Have The Best Time Shopping At Soho    
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter having completed one week of my stay in New York, and having visited all the famous tourist destinations in the city, and attended the New York fashion week, I referred to my list of recommended places to visit when in New York. I noticed that I had missed a very important place. Being a shopping freak as you me, how could have I missed visiting the world famous shopping destination in New York, the Soho the shopping paradise.
This place is the most eccentric shopping enclave in the city, and almost all the top designer brands from around the world are present here. It is just not possible that you would visit this place and come back empty handed. Even people who do not like shopping much, or do not want to spend money on shopping, end up buying something from this place.
This neighborhood comprises of shops catering to people with varying tastes and fashion sensibilities. Soho attracts shoppers from all over the world, and the big brands are aware of the strong appeal and pull that this place has, and thus, international brand icons like Kith and Cloak & Dagger you’ll love this East Village shop, where retro-schoolgirl finds for under $100 share the space with curated vintage.
I had the most amazing and mind blowing experience of shopping at Soho. To help you explore this place to the maximum, I would like to share some tips with you, which are based on my personal shopping experience at this place:

  • Keep time in hand, so that you are able to explore the entire place thoroughly before making your buying decisions.
  • Check out the exclusive stores of some of the top brands that are present in this market. The stuff available in these exclusive stores would not be available in the other branches or shops of the same brand anywhere else in the world. This is something that makes shopping at Soho exclusive.
  • Besides excellent shopping, you should also check out the famous and diverse eatery joints present in this place.

shopping, fashion blog

shopping, fashion blog
shopping, fashion blog
I have shared my personal experience of shopping during my stay in NewYork, for any questions you can comment below i would be happy to share my experience and ideas.
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