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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he key to the fashion industry is all about presentation.Fashion folk are naturally creative and talented. A resume is meant to be the complete and total representation of who you are and what you’ve accomplished and what you can bring to an organization.

Before we begin, let me emphasize one very important thing your resume is not alone its one piece of your personal brand that tells your story. Which should work altogether as an arching impression:

  • Video resume
  • Social media profiles
  • Portfolio video
  • Personal portfolio website
  • Linkedin profile
  • Resume/CV

      5 Ways To make Your Resume Pop

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Grab The Readers Attention: This is your opportunity to craft a narrative that grabs attention. At the top of the page is commonly referred as the summary page. This is a section where you can write a short paragraph that says who you are professionally and what you have to offer

Make It Visually Appealing : One of the biggest mistake creative people make is they try to show off their resume using fancy script fonts and images. Make it easy for readers to see your skills and abilities. Use bullet points instead of long wordy sentences. Keep it clean simple and short.The fashion is a creative field. You have to spark your interest at every point of contact including your resume/CV.

 Keep It Short Simple And To The Point:

Try your best to keep your resume to one page. Your resume need not need to include every single job or task you have ever done.

  Tell A Story:

Aside from the summary section your resume needs to tell a story that encompasses your experience, skills, and accomplishments along the way.

      Results = Action + Problem/Situation/Challenge

     Results need to be listed first in order to catch the readers attention.

  Use Key Words

   The person reading your resume only has few minutes to scan through and decide if you are a good fit for the position .They are looking for specific skill or experience. Take the extra time to customize your application to increase the chance to rise to the top of the stack.

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  Important points to note:

1) Print out job postings you are interested in.

2) Add those key words into resume and LinkedIn 

3) Ask a friend or peer to review your resume and ask for feedback.

Make no mistake, every job has its pros and cons and owning to your own skills it’s a lot of work . At the end of the day it’s amazing to say I really really love my job.

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