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Fashion portfolio

 Today I am going to share with you some ideas regarding fashion portfolio preparation .It’s a challenging process of work presenting your fashion skills in depth and range. 
A master portfolio will archive the complete breath of designer’s work. Each segment of a portfolio can be bound into an independent volume of the portfolio presentation folder. Designers can work with any “size but traditionally choose an 11”x 14” or 14”X17” (A3 or A4) size.

fashion presentation

Look Book:
When this process is understood for its specific designer collection, the folio is often called a Look book. The idea presentation is fashion style and content available which focus on clothes and ideas behind them.
Fashion designers must approach the assemblage of their work into the physical or virtual presentation with a mindset of a magazine editor. The more thought that goes into distribution, reputation, scale, and flow of materialism their chosen format, the bigger the impact. Embellishments should not merely decorate but always amplify the designer’s message.

fashion layouts

Digital Folio:
Any creative content produced today should have a digital counterpart. Online images with thumbnails of full images or close-ups with of sections could be linked to larger versions of videos or slide shows.

Digital Folio

Approach – Virtual Networks
Social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat) and professional networking sites have become invaluable tools for building communities and disseminating information. In many cases, the successful online experience extends into a real world where like-minded people can meet live.


URL & Emails:
Securing a unique URL address from domain register is a good idea for any designer who is planning to have a presence on the web. Your adds the professional touch to the resume and provides a memorable, easy -to-access destination for any one interested in designing work. For The designers URL and email address is a must nowadays for anyone to mention in the portfolio.

Fashion Portfolio
Fashion Portfolio

I hope the information will guide to make a fashion portfolio for any information you need ,you can share it with us, it will be my pleasure Stay Connected.
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