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Hi Everyone,
          How are you doing, welcome back on my blog, today I am going to share some ideas on how to make a fashion mood board, it’s one of the main questions in the fashion process and the mood board can make it or break it? Mood Board! Planning my next run way show, a collection or it could an inspiration for my next project, the mood board can also be used for home decor, graphic designing, planning a wedding list is endless.
Mood board helps align the aesthetic, color palette and tone of a project Mood board is a summary of your collection’s inspiration and theme. It’s a design tool that can help you remain focused and consistent as your line develops. It’s a great communication aid when explaining your vision to others. Fabric swatches Magazines, photos, ribbons, basically any visual reference you desire.
When it comes to fashion industry there are few things to consider:
1)    Research
2)    Planning
3)    Vision
4)    Purpose
5)    Theme & Designing
Fashion Mood board is an extremely creative and fun loving process it can be prepared digitally as well as physical it influences the style and depends on who needs to see it.
For me, its starts with a mind map the ideas what does it feel to me? For ex, I thought of happy spring season, so it’s a happy mood, love, emotions, joy, friendship, then each “big Idea “what that look like visually?

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Mind map

Step 1: idea generation: Write down in a mind map the top ideas and what it does eg I thought of a happy mood and expressing that, in my collection then add all stage of it write everything that comes to mind! Do this exercise this will be a brain storming process keep progressing unless you are happy with the results.
Step 2: back to paper and scissors! Now it’s the time to put all the concept into smaller trends, figuring out what would work for the practical output. Each trend should stand out on its own.
Step 3: experimenting with the fabrics and material : try different kind of fabric give shapes, define the style, experiment with anything you can try your hands on. Try defining the cuts and patterns, sewing with different materials the options are endless.
Step 4: start sketching :while ideas are gathering in your head try to turn the ideas and textures into silhouettes below in the image you will find the display work on different cuts and patterns.

fashion blog
fashion blog
Geometric collection 

Step 5 finally the mood board is born: By this time we are already ready with our theme clear with process what on mind? Focused enough with the message and the idea of clothes that we want on the mood board pay attention to your composition, blend edges color correct,any one looking at it should be able to say what your message is. Practice it at your best.
Now i am curious to know what Mood board process looks like if you have created mood boards in the past . Feel free to write about your experience in the comments .
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C  Ya, 🙂
Shweta Shah