Fashion of Fibers and Fabrics

  • WHAT IS FASHION?It is designers create for a select population which later becomes trend.
  • WHY PEOPLE WEAR CLOTHES?Traditionally clothes primarily worn for the environment, for privacy and to enhance beauty.
  • FASHION TREND CYCLE:Fashion leaders (start the cycle)MajorityLatecomers (end the cycle)
  • PREDICTING THE FUTURE:Designers have to predict what will be style; they look at past trends, what worked and what else is going to on in environment to identify trends.
  • GOOD FASHION +GOOD FABRIC = GOOD DESIGNA combination ofFabricShapeColorTexturePattern 
    Is the core strength for anoutfit?
  • Cycle of fashion lasted decades:In early tradional cultures, styling of clothes did not changed or if it changed stayed for a longer period.
  • PARIS IS WHERE FASHION BEGANParis, France from 1600s become centers of fashion royalty and affluent used designers to the outfit them.Coco chennel:Her influence went beyond clothing, jewelery, handbags and fragrance.Women”s liberation
    • Shorter hair, disbandoned Victorian era clothes
    • Short skirts
    • Nylon 9 (cheaper hoisery)
    • Alternating long hem lines, narrow shoulders and tightly fitted bodies with long, full or narrow skirta.
    • Hippie style- liberal fashion with influence from east, using bright colors, peasant emroidery,cheesecloth,and safari jackets.

    Business casual with the power look and health conscious.High price not linked to high fashion and more use of easy to care synthetic fibers.Rebellious,colorful,and crazy. In US dress-down leads the way to infomality,comfort and athletic look override bussiness attire. Grunge – a style started by youth  culture . Messy ,uncombed,not too much effort.

  • Mass Market : Affordable ready-to-wear,of-the rack high street fashion while trying to keep the look of designer or Haute Couture eg Old Navy, Gap.Abercrombie and Fitch, H&M.

    Designing builds of theme and includes number of garments,to be done From paper pattern to muslin sample,adjustment,accurate pattern.sample in fabric and variou colors in 3 month period.

    Style :  Your own form of dress that may or may not incorporate what is the fashion trend.

    Designers have to predict what will be in style, they look past trends, what worked and what else is going on in environment to identify trends.