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 Hey Folks,
Being a fashion blogger in India am back with another tutorial to tell you all something new in the fashion zone. Most of the time it has been seen that people try to match the colors of their bottom wear and upper outfit to make something new and trendy, but it is hard to do as this is not a mere job. This is a technique like any other technique. Matching both the upper and lower clothes can be slightly subjective, but if the colors appear odd, then the objective reality of your attire can seem like a disaster. Understanding this beautiful relationship of colors will make mixing and matching clothing easy and fun for you. So, as I have disclosed the today’s topic, let’s start the conversation of the Fashion Blog of today.
If you don’t have the precise knowledge of this colour matching then don’t be worried as this is like an art and one needs to earn it by learning as no one is born with it and for fashion designers this is the prime assets as this asset helps in many more things related to fashion industry. Simply, get one thing straight in your mind that it’s not a talent, but it’s a skill, and it can be learned. Here are the six strategies in this clothing blog to make it easier for you to decide which color to use with which one-

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Keep it in the family:-
Well, when the term family comes, it just reflects the colors that come under the same category like use the pastel colors outfit with the pastels, earth tones with earth tones and lastly the Jewel tones with the jewel tones, etc. In this way, you can see that how the similar color that doesn’t look better with any other colors gives a flawless look when used with their family member color.
When in going out and have color doubt, just go with the flow of black and white-
The neutral colors are used in generals and under this category falls the colors like Navy, Khaki, Grey, Denim gold, silver, etc. and these colors are the great one for the color mixing option but when the boss, the classy and gentle colors black & white together are chosen together then they definitely gives a superstar look and it then feels like they are Beyonce, and every other neutral color is the Solange.
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Let print be your guide:-
Find a print from a designer you love ( or even something in your own wardrobe) and break it down into different colors then you can create an outfit with your imaginary inspiration. If you want to take it to next level, rank the colors in the print from most used to least used and wear larger items like dresses, coats, or sweaters in most used coolers and smaller items and accessories in the most used colors.
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Use a color wheel, if you are puzzled:-

fashion trends
fashion trends

Use a color wheel to find the complimentary colors, and when we are talking about the colors, then one thing is quite clear, and that is the opposite colors gives a flawless and stunning look for example Black and White, Denim Blue with Black, White and Pink, Red and Black and much more. It’s just up to you whatever you want to choose, but you need to make sure that the contracting colors shouldn’t give a weird look that can happen sometime but just make sure that when you are choosing one color should be light, then other should be dark or when you choose the dark color outfit then you should chose the another dark color in combination.

fashion trends
fashion trends

Give it an ombre test:-
Different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together. Mainly, the ombre colors are the primary colors that are usually used in the form of highlights and shades on the hair. So, shading has always been commonly seen as a treatment, wherever coloring is applied. It has become popular for hair coloring, nail art, home décor and graphic designing. Hence, try to choose the colors that render not only the stunning but a gorgeous look to your body and it do match your hair color.

fashion trends
fashion trends

 Hope my tips and quick tricks work for you all and I would love to hear from you, so, what do you think about the color matching. Please, do share your views and tips and tricks as I would love to hear from you all. Stay connected for more updates on fashion articles and tutorials, and I will meet you all soon in my next tutorial.
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