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A Girl can carry her life in her bag. It doesn’t matter what style, shape or size of the bag, be it a college sling, office torte an evening clutch or a backpack, women have a talent for fitting the world in her purse. One of the daily dilemmas for most women, however, is how to carry necessary items yet keep the bag light for travel. There are ways of de-cluttering without sacrificing the essential things. Here’s list of products that are indispensable to daily living and won’t make your bags and travel kits senseless heavy.
What you add to your bag can prepare you for anything.
A little hand sanitizer goes a long way and must to guard against daily grime. You also want a nifty pocket mirror, to use in case of makeup emergencies, and to keep a check on your hair.Keep a palm size paddle brush, which not only fits nicely into most bag shapes, it ensures knot-free tresses through the day. You can’t leave home without a lip balm and lip gloss to keep them moisturized and be instantly pout ready. Keeping a body spray gives off a really strong smell and makes my clothes smell fresh! The ends of my hair usually get spray as well and it’s always lovely to get a whiff of it. Phone battery extender & Sunglasses for summer are a must have. Your beauty bag essential are not complete without BB+ cream.
It’s the perfect purse companion for its convenient size and multiple benefits. For one, you can eliminate sunscreen as the white beauty BB+SPF enriched and unlike other sunscreens, the BB+ will leave you light and non-oily texture. Similarly, you need to weigh down your bag with BB+ foundation that lightens your skin from within that allowing your skin to breathe fresh. And your purse to be clutter free.
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So this was a list of the bag essentials let me know what are some of your bag essentials
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