Fashion Forward- How To Find Your Body Shape!!


Know Your Body Shape
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll body types are different and all bodies are beautiful – there is 5 common women body shape that you’ve probably heard of small-figure (petite) Tall-figure, Angular figure, fuller figure, pear and inverted triangle. Not a whole lot of people know exactly how to find out your exact shape. Which fashion choices will bring out the beauty?
Fashion is all about dressing those proportions to look their very best.
So let me explain the simplest way for each body shape. So you can figure out what all it means.
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Small figure:

  • To appear taller, focus on elongated upper body.
  • Cuts like Empire Lines, Princess and A-line along with necklines such as deep “V” shapes, Horse Shoe & Scoops work well.
  • Single color co-ordinates in Neutral shades like black, white, Beige etc. Pastel shades, small all overprints & Scoops work well.
  • Soft flowing fabrics like crepe, chiffons & Voile.
  • Vertical detailing such as embroidery or buttons from neck to hem create an illusion.


  • Horizontal prints & detailing.
  • Too much of fuss on waistlines & Hems, High Necks, and Collars.
  • Knee & Mid-calf Length.

Tall Figure:

  • To make the upper body look proportionate to long legs, choose a plain bodice & details like embroidery /beading etc. to break the skirt area.


  • Vertical prints, patterns & detailing
  • Dark solid colors
  • Very high heels

Angular Figure: This figure is normally what could be regarded as Thin or skinny It is also the figure type that perfect for high fashion.

  • Curved lines, cowls & drapes in soft drapes/fabrics.
  • Light & bright colors, bold prints.
  • High necks like Chinese as well as rounded necks.
  • Layered clothing (i.e. more pieces)


Fuller figure:

  1. A) Y- shaped (Broad Shouldered fuller busted also known as the continental figure)
  2. B) Pear-shaped This is the most common type figure in which hips are wider & heavy
  • Select clothes which flow away from the body.
  • Submit vertical stripes/Patterns as well as vertical detailing like princess seams, front opening create longer lines. To disguise:
  • Big burst: Loose straight cuts which fall straight from bust down (A-Line)
  • Broad Waist: Keep the front of the garment smooth (without details and not pinched in at the sides.)
  • Wide Hips: Wear Dark narrow bottoms, loose long tops which fall below the hip line.


  • Fitted looks in clinging fabrics, Satin & Lame, which highlights the body lumps.
  • Excess detailing & big bold prints
  • Frills and gathers.
  • Broad belts.

 Fashion tips can help accentuate your unique body.  When you accept your natural shape.Experiment with fabrics, colors & style to come up with good looks that are fresh and flattering but don’t obsess over having a perfect body shape.
Creating an illusion of a balanced body by choosing the right fit of clothes as per your body type can create wonders, it’s no rocket science.Buy clothes that flatter your curves and hide all those flaws.
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