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A DIY fashion trend!!
How cool would DIY sandals be, most fascinating if you make your own unique style! And that to its budget friendly and can put your creativity at your best.
Chain is one of my favorite accessories to work with I love them on everything whether it’s a jewelry, an outfit, handbag, or shoes so this time I thought of working with my favorite material for diy sandals a perfect love affair with grunge. The best thing about using chain are it an be added easily in so many simple ways
There are many different kinds of creative DIY accessories available so you can decide what type you love for let’s get ready and taking note of good ideas to show some enviable feet, to customize your sandals and turn them into something more than just footwear.

DIY project

Read on to see how you can do that:
You need
– A pair of simple flats
– Half a meter of curb chain
– Super glue (optional)
– A needle and a thread matching the flats
How to
1. Start by measuring how much chain you will need for each flat when we have worked that separate what you need by using a plier to open up the chain for the proper link.
2 Thread your needle and tie a knot, in the end, Lay the chain on the top and sew the end strap by sewing through the leather and back round again.

DIY fashion project
diy fashion

3 Once one end is attached, cover the underside in glue or if you don’t want to glue it you can even stitch it in the center same way you did it in the first end of sandals.
fashion trend
4- Put it onto the leather strap and then sew the other end of the chain down. Repeat for the other pair of sandals
Your DIY sandals are ready to wear.

The signature glamour of shwetsdiva DIY  is translated into a pair of statement sandals for summer. Smooth leather is given a hard-edged update with subtle, gold-tone chain embellishments . Stylish and comfortable, they’ll pair perfectly with tailored trousers for a contemporary twist.

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