The DIY Coffee Scrub !


 DIY coffee scrub
The DIY Coffee Scrub
Coffee is liked by most of us but do you know coffee scrub will provide many benefits to the skin like, prevents acne, exfoliates the skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, lessens cellulite, and removes pigmentation and makes our skin glowing & soft when applied regularly.
Here are few list below.
Benefits of coffee scrub
It acts as an antioxidant that fights against the effect of free radicals on the skin.
It stimulates the growth of new skin cells and removes the shielded one from the skin.
It improves the blood circulation in the skin to reduce lumpiness and thus tightens the skin to prevent aging problems.
It protects us from sun damaged and exfoliates to remove dead cell and makes the skin clear and soft.
So, now let begin with the home remedy of how to make the coffee scrub and use it to get rid of skin problems.
Homemade natural coffee Scrub:
Add 3 tablespoon of coffee grounds and 1 tablespoon each of brown sugar and any natural oil (almond, coconut or olive oil).
Stir it well and make a fine paste. Spread it on your face and massage it gently in circular motion for few minutes. Let it set for some time say for 5 to 7 min and wipe it off with a clean washcloth soaked in warm water. Finally, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores.Dry your face and you can repeat it regularly for maintaining a healthy glow.
The combination of coffee grounds and coconut oil will work extremely well for Indian skin types. You can also add your favorite essential oil to the coffee scrub and for best result, you can use the coffee scrub on your damp skin.
Other than using the coffee scrub, consume a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and keep yourself free from stress.
Try this DIY homemade coffee scrub and share your experience with us.
The information contained on DIY Remedies is intended for informational and I have personally tried it but Consult your doctor or a healthcare expert if in case you have a sensitive skin or some skin allergy issues before you try.
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