Denim Rules- How To Take Care Of your Favorite jeans !!


Want Your Jeans to Last Longer – Follow These 10 Golden Rules
[dropcap]D[/dropcap]enim is favorite of all because it is the most comfortable wear. Although our wardrobe would be carrying many pairs of denim jeans among them, one would always be our favorite, which we like to wear repeatedly. But wearing the same denims, again and again, make it dull and colorless and you try to find ways which can help it to last longer. Not to worry more now, just follow these ten simple and golden rules to keep your favorite jeans fabulous all the time.
      1.  Using the Correct Detergent
When you select the detergent for washing jeans make sure that it is designed for colored garments. Because most of the detergents carry the optical brighteners which are good for white clothes as they make the fabric whiter but affects the colored garment by fading it.

  • Before washing jeans, turned it inside out
  • This is a smart trick which many follows as turning jeans inside out prevents the dye running in the wash and after a wash when you put them outside to dry in sunlight, then fading can also be prevented.

    1. Soak before you wash for the first time

    If your jeans are of darker color and you are washing it for the first time, then just soak it in the lukewarm water with salt as it will help the dye to set. And try to wash the similar colors together.

    1. Coated jeans need more care

    If you are having coated jeans, then make sure that you give extra care to them. Although brands may say, you can wash them in the washing machine but it’s always advisable to wash them with hands and dry it naturally to keep the coating for a longer period of time.

    1. Once wash cycle ends, don’t wait around

    Immediately pull out your jeans once wash cycle gets completed in the machine as keeping them in a washing machine for a longer period just create the faded wrinkles on the fabric.

    1. Strictly No to Over-wash

    If you wash the fabric very frequently then the life of your jeans will be shortened. Always check whether they require washing or not. Try to avoid over washing, whenever possible.

    1. Go for Natural drying rather than tumble dry

    Tumble dry damages the elastane or lycra fibers of the jeans, which give the stretchiness to the stretch jeans. Try to dry them naturally whenever possible.

    1. Carrying embellished jeans, then do take extra care

    No doubt sometimes decorated jeans give a wow feeling which comes with those sparkling studs, crystals, and beads but they require little extra care. Don’t wash them in the washing machine as they may get detached, wash them by hand only.

    1. Have faded jeans, then use washing machine dye

    Once the jeans color is faded, don’t lose hope. As you can use a washing machine color dyes, which can give new look to your favorite jeans.

    1. Use your creative ideas to recreate the tear jeans

    Distressed jeans are the latest trend in fashion. So, by any chance, if your favorite jeans got a tear, then not to worry, use your creative idea by giving more rips and frays to the edges.
    Don’t succumb to wear the same pair of jeans week-in and week out. Even though your jeans may have cost enough to buy a pair from the Gap for every day of the week, it doesn’t make indestructible do your best to avoid wearing the same pair for days or weeks at a time. It will give your jeans a chance to wear and dry out.
    Even if you follow all of these tips, your jeans will eventually fade away, but hopefully, this info will help you slow down the process.
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