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fashion blogger
Hi happy Monday!!
Coffee has some incredible power. It has the ability to jump start our day and spark amazing conversation with people. In fact, coffee with a friend could be the best perk of the day. But there is more super power in a coffee mug that meets the eye.
Coffee for me is a power booster to make me more creative and inspire with more innovative ideas.
fashion blogger
Coffee has been a popular drink for many years and now with many coffee shops opened it’s more popular than ever.I have always been a coffee lover ( can say coffee is my addiction ) since my teens I love the aroma, the freshness and drinking coffee has become a social attractive pastime ensured its lasting appeal.
Coffee keeps us focused that means our caffeinated minds don’t have the chance to wander. Whether your preference is a traditional espresso, cappuccino, café latte, or even ice mocha, you will find different coffees to meet your needs.
As me being a great coffee fan thought of sharing my experience of lovely coffees and some of my favorite ones which I have cherished drinking.
Monsoon season with a cup of hot coffee could work as a complete mood changer for me. Some of my favorite ones are listed below.
Hot coffee  like cafe Mocha , cappuccino, cafe late are all time favorites though i love  black coffee  as well.  
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fashion blogger
Thai iced coffee
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Ice coconut coffee
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Ice Mocha-Coffee

 Pour yourself a cup of coffee and get started. Who knows what you’ll end up creating.
Let me know your suggestion and your favorite coffee flavors in the comments below.  

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until next time.
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Shweta Shah