Celebrate the Festival of Colors in Style! Festive Fashion


Talking about the fashion collection, “When we think of India and remember its festivals, what we recollect are the vibrant colors.  Indian textiles are complete comfort and the Indian silhouettes are coming back for fashion trends. Our culture its history tradition of years compiled of very colorful joyous colors to express happiness and joy hand woven and handcrafted garments that focused on combination of designs, textures, fabric and silhouettes.

The color story travels since years from bold hues of orange, blue yellow purple and gold and compliments it with details of happiness for holi festival.
Holi is around round the weekend and so needs to dress up right for this festival, Holi fashion demands a twist.
There is no way you are wearing things you wear for other traditional Indian festivals. Here you need to go out and get all messy with colors and water and yet look your stylish best! Sounds difficult? Not really There are lot of ways in which you can style up for Holi and yet be comfortable and at a safe spot when it comes to your ease and your safety in terms if protecting your skin and hair from harsh colors and chemicals.so make sure you look good and feel good at the same time.
Some best fashion hacks to this holi so you can enjoy as much as you can while looking perfect! What to where this holi party!

So what should trendy people wear this Holi?
There is just no end to the type of dresses you can wear at Holi, Kurtis, saari, jeans, tunics, shirts, there is just no limit to experimenting with looks on this day.so if you are still keen on keeping the tradition and wearing white, I would love to wear white one of the most popular combination of white and blue color. Apart from that floral dresses also create a different and yet beautiful look for Holi.
There are no fabrics better than cotton to wear for Holi! For men and women both. This fabric is the best when you want to go out and play with water and colors and still feel pretty and comfortable. Man can go for a white t-shirt ,kurta or a shirt to pair it up with a denim pants or even a comfi tracks.

Caps & Bandanas: Take your friends and family by surprise by complimenting the best head gears with your attire for this holi .by this it adds style to your outfit as well as save your hair from any damage too!
Sunglasses: there are no taking away of sunglasses from perfect outfit! They fit right and adds an extra glamour to your attire when paired with right combination of clothes and hair.Go for classic aviators and steal the right look of the party title. So it’s a total win-win situation! It also protects from heat and harsh colors on this day.

Pick a pair of amazing yet comfortable flip-flops and style them with your clothes to match.

Denim shorts:

If not the traditional way, denim shorts are the one you can opt for, you need to grab a flaunt for .Team it up with a white t-shirt and complete that look with a bandana and flip-flops! There you go girl all set for a modern holi party.
What to wear this holi ,you are pretty much ready to rock the Holi party!